10 Years of Veganuary

As we step into 2024, Veganuary is celebrating its monumental 10th anniversary. Launched in York in 2014, Veganuary has not only gained international acclaim but has also played a pivotal role in inspiring millions to adopt a vegan lifestyle for 31 days.

With environmental concerns becoming mainstream, individuals seeking healthier alternatives to the omnivorous diet and meat-free social media trends, such as ‘Veganuary’, consuming various online platforms – brands are battling to earn a spot on the public’s plates.

What is Veganuary?

Since its inception in 2014, this movement has witnessed a consistent increase in participation. In 2024, it is poised to establish a new record, surpassing the remarkable 706,965 official participants in 2023. This ongoing surge in numbers is indicative of the growing public interest in plant-based eating and underscores the efficacy of Veganuary’s outreach initiatives.

Once relegated to the fringes, veganism now enjoys widespread and favourable attention from the media. This shift in narrative reflects a broader societal movement towards plant-based eating and an increasing recognition of its associated benefits.

The plant-based food industry has seen exponential growth over the years. Transitioning from a niche market, it has evolved into a thriving sector, with supermarkets and restaurants expanding their vegan offerings. This growth signifies changing consumer preferences and a broader acceptance of veganism as a mainstream lifestyle choice.

Environmental concerns also play a pivotal role in the escalating popularity of veganism. With heightened awareness of climate change and its repercussions, more individuals acknowledge the environmental benefits of reducing animal product consumption. Veganuary provides people with a structured experience to explore veganism and witness its positive impact on personal health and the environment.

Brands rallying for Veganuary 2024

The enthusiasm for Veganuary 2024 extends beyond supermarkets and restaurants, with numerous brands actively endorsing it through various campaigns. Companies such as Wicked Kitchen, Greenleaf Foods, New Seasons Market, London Drugs, Hart House, Ritter Sport and Vitacost are engaging customers with in-store promotions and social media initiatives, reflecting a growing corporate commitment to plant-based living.

Vitacost is excited to celebrate this ever-growing ‘holiday’ with special offers and inspiring content to help participants and anyone else interested in eating more plant-based,

Guy Burgstahler, business lead at Vitacost

Celebrity endorsements and ambassadors

Endorsements for Veganuary 2024 have come from a diverse array of public figures, including environmentalists, athletes and celebrities. High-profile supporters like Joaquin Phoenix and DeAndre Jordan lend their voices to the cause, enhancing the initiative’s profile and reach. These endorsements play a crucial role in dispelling stereotypes associated with veganism and demonstrating its appeal to a broad audience.

Celebrity ambassadors have also been instrumental in propelling Veganuary to prominence, spanning various industries such as music, film, and sports. Notable personalities like Billie Eilish and Sir Paul McCartney leverage their platforms to emphasise the environmental, health and ethical benefits of a plant-based diet.

Happy Veganuary!

Brands adopting vegan alternatives are signifiers of how diverse the consumer base is becoming; companies are realising how hard it is for brands to survive by only catering to the masses. It’s important to retain pertinence in an era where social media dictates buying trends – at Cordis, we understand that inclusive marketing is not only the right thing to do; but it is progressively becoming the baseline way of attaining success.