We love being a creative agency. Whether it’s thinking, designing or writing, creativity is part of our make-up. It’s what we do best. However, at the beginning of any relationship, we believe it’s essential to listen to objectives and expectations. Then, after a lot of brainstorming, tea drinking and the odd slice of cake, we hatch a series of ideas – and… ta-dah… a campaign is born!

The next destination in the creative journey is deciding how best to execute the ‘ta-dah’. Whether it’s via a Direct Mail piece, a social media campaign, broadcast media or a combination of methods, we will devise something that keeps our clients and their customers inspired and engaged.

Our thinking

Everything begins with a thought. Cordis is a creative agency based in Norwich that helps translate this thinking into doing. Our ‘think and do’ approach spans across all media. So if you need an agency that can truly get what you’re thinking, then spare us a thought!

Adding value

We believe that true value is measured not only by end results, but by how we provide a service that achieves them. We care about those who entrust their business to our agency. We’re always proactive, never complacent and always try our best to make our clients as happy as possible.

Creative services

Our creative services will help you realise your business’s potential and enable you to focus on what makes you great. We do this via researching, planning and helping you deliver a strategy for real growth through our design, brand, viral and communication services.