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Peterborough One Retail Park

COVID-19 prompts asset management firms to adopt digital marketing


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Garden Square Shopping Centre

Fair Trade Month

Peterborough One Retail Park

The team at Cordis are personable, professional and extremely skilled at formulating and delivering a full suite of marketing activities. Cordis continue to support, contribute to and deliver Targetfollow’s commercial marketing strategy, adding value to our challenging commercial assets and beyond. Cordis have driven our commercial brand development strategy through relevant and engaging digital media, strengthening tenant and stakeholder relationships, and delivering innovative and unique events on the ground. Thanks to the team’s hard work, our commercial assets have never been busier and continue to grow in prevalence.

Antony Moore

Asset and Marketing Manager, Targetfollow Group Ltd

I’ve been highly impressed since day one by the fresh, relaxed attitude and the strategy that has been put in place. I now have a positive and acting presence on social networks that has helped in increasing my profile in the community. The daily communication is frequent and very informative. The dedication and professionalism are second to none when doing what, it feels, they truly enjoy. I am a firm believer that having professional exposure on social media can only lead to success. They have made me feel welcome in the 21st Century.

Marcello Pozzetti

Owner, By Marcello Photography

I would like to say a sincere thank you for your commitment to the cause, it has been a pleasure working with you.

Andy Pottle

Centre Manager, Pescod Square Shopping Centre