Tunbridge Wells & Rusthall Commons Website


Showcase the beauty and enjoyment of the commons with a new CMS website. The old website content was vast, unappealing and hard to navigate. The new build had to cater for all stakeholders within the local community and fulfil their duty as a public body to communicate transparently


Redesign and build a new, easy to navigate CMS website which functions across all devices. We simmered down the content structure with 3 main navigation categories: Explore, Enjoy and Protect. These 3 value statements each represent key content categories, allowing visitors to navigate and gain insights into the location. This includes information on the Commons’ history, those responsible for its preservation and the diverse habitat and wildlife. Visitors can even share their own experiences at the Commons by submitting images and comments to the website.
To further enhance the visual impact of the commons, we spent 2 days filming on-site, creating a gentle introduction to the vast landscape. By utilising aerial photograph, we were able to fully capture the unique terrain of the picturesque location.

View the website: twcommons.org

We asked Cordis to create a website for us to promote the use and enjoyment of the Commons by the public, and fulfil our duty as a public body to communicate transparently. They delivered something that exceeded our expectations, a very special website that we are proud to share with our community. The Cordis team invested time in understanding our wonderful space, its importance to us and our visitors. They carefully planned how to incorporate an encyclopaedia of information without overwhelming the user. They were always on hand in the background, working hard to deliver. Most importantly, they captured the magic of our Commons, with attention grabbing design, carefully managed content and striking images. And all I can say about the video is – WOW!

Gemma Stapeley

Clerk to the Tunbridge Wells Commons Conservators