Strategic marketing

We are a strategic marketing agency that helps our brands build clear marketing strategies that, not only nurtures new relationships, but keeps existing customers happy. And what do happy customers do? They spend more! Existing customers can also open more doors than you may realise, so it’s essential to maintain a harmonious and ever-evolving relationship. We can help capitalise on strengthening existing bonds and guide you with establishing new ones, creating brand friendship.

Developing strategies

Our experienced team will help you develop a set of marketing strategies, giving you a competitive advantage to help your business grow. From increasing customers to optimising their spend per head, we work with you to develop sets of realistic objectives and define Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These can then be used to help us evaluate and adapt the strategic direction.

Your consultants

Cordis is ultimately a full service agency, but a large part of what we do involves working as marketing consultants. This consultancy service gives our customers the opportunity to voice their ideas and opinions and seek our industry knowledge and advice.

Marketing services

We believe all businesses are bespoke, so we approach the marketing services we offer in the same way. If you need an advertising campaign created, social media promotions, video production or assistance with the way in which your company communicates, we will tailor-make our services to align with your needs.