Amazing Summer


PE1 tasked us with a historical issue of footfall decline during the summer holidays. Competing with coastal attractions, theme parks and day trips away, we needed to deliver a 4 week event/activity that would make use of PE1’s unique outside space to provide family friendly entertainment, with the aim to increase footfall and encourage spend in PE1 stores.


We created a giant maze which families needed to navigate to reach the 50ft volcano slide to end the experience. Within the maze we displayed key facts based on the weekly theme of Jurassic, Aztec, Egyptian and Jungle. The archway entrance, props and features within the maze reflected each week’s theme. We also included themed golden relics which participants could discover hidden in the maze for a prize. Halfway round, our intrepid explorers could also have a photo taken in our peep hole display commemorating their visit, which we encouraged to share our on social media pages for a chance to win prizes each week.

To launch the event, we created a ‘Maze Runner’ competition where families were challenged with navigating the maze in the quickest time for a chance to win a treasure trove of goodies.

To help promote the event we used POS, social media and video content reflecting each week’s theme, giving families a reason to revisit the maze and take part in different challenges.


126,066 Campaign Reach
5,066 / 4.01% Engagements/Rate
1,867 families attended
£3.50 return on sales for every £1 spent on the campaign