Adobe’s new AI tools

In 2022, OpenAI’s Dall-E service changed the landscape of image creation with photo-realistic images generated from mere text prompts. Understanding this seismic shift in the industry, Adobe soon released its own generative AI technology – beginning with the technological overhaul of the company’s popular creative tools.

Fast-forward to 2024, Adobe is announcing a series of new AI features for its flagship graphics editing package Photoshop, powered by the new Firefly Image 3 foundation model. This software update is now accessible through the Photoshop beta app, with a full release planned for later this year.

In this week’s blog, we’re exploring the new additions to Photoshop and what this upgrade means for designers and content creators. Are they a gimmick or another indispensable tool in our marketing utility belt?

Features for Photoshop

1. Generate Image

Arguably the most flagship new AI feature in Photoshop is the ability to generate images from text prompts from scratch. In the past, you could add components to existing images, but now Adobe lets users start with a blank canvas and just enter a text prompt to generate the desired image.

2. Generate Similar

This uses one of the three images generated by Photoshop’s Firefly tools as a reference to produce similar-looking content, while Generate Image allows users starting with a blank page to generate an entire image from a text description for the first time.

3. Generate Background

Automatic background removal has been a feature of Photoshop for some time, but now users can generate AI replacements. This new tool allows you to completely remove and create new background images – particularly useful in product photography.

4. Reference Image

Perhaps one of the most exciting features in the update – Reference Image uses user-uploaded images to inspire the output generated by Adobe’s AI, matching similar elements in style and colour. For example, instead of repeatedly tweaking a prompt description like “a blue vintage truck with flower decals,” users can instead provide a reference image that Photoshop will use as a guide.

5. Enhance Detail

This increases clarity and makes images appear sharper. The feature is also ideal for correcting images that appear slightly blurred or out of focus, ensuring a polished and professional finish.

6. Advancements in AI Image Quality

The quality of Firefly-generated images has greatly improved since its initial release. Early versions often produced disfigured faces, deformed hands and illegible text. These issues have been significantly addressed, along with enhanced prompt adherence to deliver more accurate results.


The AI improvements to Photoshop and Adobe’s other Creative Suite apps are being announced at Adobe Max, which is currently underway in London today. This gathering showcases the latest advancements in Adobe’s technology and highlights how AI is becoming an integral part of the creative workflow. The improvements in generative AI tools signal a shift towards more innovative and efficient methods for designers and content creators.

With AI-driven capabilities reshaping the way creative professionals work, businesses are encouraged to embrace these new tools to stay competitive. If you’re looking to reinvigorate your marketing for the 2020s, get in touch with Cordis today. With specialities in everything from events to social media content creation, design to videography – we will bring your business into the digital age with creative flair.