Apple Vision Pro: A glimpse into the future

The Apple Vision Pro has launched in the US today to rave reviews. Those granted early access to the headset talk of a big leap forward for face-mounted computers.

The cutting-edge features, including 3D cameras, hand and eye tracking, and a front display that mirrors the wearer’s eyes are contrasted by a less attractive price tag of $3,499. This raises questions about its accessibility to a broader consumer base.

Will it remain a niche toy for tech enthusiasts, or can the headset prove its worth beyond being a high-end gadget?

A new landscape for storytelling

Disney+ has officially launched an application for the Apple Vision Pro, bringing an unprecedented level of immersion to the viewing experience. Imagine watching a drive-in screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, perched on an X-34 landspeeder against a backdrop of a binary sunset. This is the kind of immersion that Disney promises to offer on the state-of-the-art headset!

Renowned film director James Cameron shared his thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro, stating, “I was sceptical at first. I don’t bow down before the great god of Apple, but I was really, really blown away.” Another prominent filmmaker, Jon Favreau, echoed a similar sentiment, expressing that he was “blown away” by the technology and its potential impact on storytelling. Favreau further added, “I’m excited by what kind of story I can tell now that I couldn’t tell before.”

Spatial computing

The device’s spatial computing capabilities extend beyond entertainment, finding value in productivity software. Users can seamlessly integrate their computers into the device using the Mac Virtual Display feature, projecting virtual monitors for an enhanced work experience.

These can be positioned anywhere in space and the size can be adjusted according to preference. The Vision Pro’s cameras enable users to view their physical surroundings, including their hands on a keyboard, providing a practical and versatile working environment.

Digital avatars

One of the most intriguing features of the Apple Vision Pro is its handling of FaceTime calling. As users’ faces are completely obscured by the mixed reality headset, the device instead scans the user and recreates a realistic digital avatar in their stead.

After this digital avatar is generated by the headset, it can track hand and eye movements to mimic what the user is doing in real life. Although some describe the results as “ghoulish,” the technology is undeniably impressive, offering a glimpse into the potential future of digital communication.

A vision of the future

Cordis has embraced immersive technology for years. Utilising platforms like Snapchat, we’ve crafted digital experiences that not only captivate but also drive footfall and boost sales for our retail clients.

In the ever-evolving landscape of AR/VR, the key lies not just in the technology itself but in the imaginative fusion of technology and creativity. With the release of the Apple Vision Pro, it’s clear that immersive technology will be pivotal in the years to come.

Now is the opportune moment to delve into the virtual realm, exploring the endless possibilities that lie ahead. If you’re interested in embracing the future – amalgamating both technology and creativity – get in touch with Cordis today.