Cat Month: 5 reasons why your marketing needs more cats

Although dogs will always be “man’s best friend” – there’s no denying that cats are the internet’s favourite pet. The question is, how did our furry feline friends obtain digital dominance? With their devil-may-care swagger and deadpan demeanour, there’s something more natural about a cat doing something – because, unlike a dog, you know they haven’t done it to get your attention.

Even though there are millions of kitty photographs and videos on the internet, any material featuring a charming or amusing cat has a high possibility of going viral. In honour of Cat Month, we’re exploring how businesses can exploit this global phenomenon and create the purr-fect campaign!

1. They cat-ch our attention

How often have you caught yourself scrolling through Instagram, only to stop when met by an image of a doe-eyed kitty cat? Photos like this are sure to melt the heart of the most austere of executives.

Business to business marketing can easily become dry and people often skim past buzzword-laden content. If you’re looking to truly captivate your consumer, we recommend peppering your social channels with cats!

2. Cats add emotional appeal

As a marketer, being able to effectively inject emotion into your material is critical. Unfortunately, this can often be a difficult task – especially when the product you’re trying to promote doesn’t particularly tug at the heart strings. Thankfully, there’s always one weapon in a marketer’s utility belt that’s applicable to almost every occasion.

With their baby-like features and big expressive eyes, cats are able to convey a wide range of emotion – hence why we are naturally drawn to them. When we look at a cat face, we’re applying the same things we do when looking at a human face. A prime example of this would be “Grumpy Cat” – a feline whose perpetually cantankerous expression launched her to internet super stardom.

3. Cats can help you build engagement

Of course, attaining your audience’s attention is only the first step. The humour and relatability of cats will energise your social channels with positive feedback – this gives you the opportunity to engage with potential customers, build a rapport and watch your following increase.

4. Cats appeal to people in different age groups

The generational gap seems wider than ever; thus, creating content that universally engages Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials can be a daunting task. Let’s face it – regardless of age, almost everyone pauses what they’re doing to watch the newest amusing cat meme or video.

When selecting specific cat memes or videos, be sure to consider your target audience. Millennials tend to enjoy pop culture references – whilst middle-aged decision makers appreciate more sophisticated humour. Tailoring your content to suit your consumer base will set you on your way to beating the competition.

5. Cats can tell stories like no other

The secret to all great marketing is storytelling. Online and off, we’re constantly told how great a product is – but when oversaturated with uninspired material, we all have the tendency to skim, skip, and daydream.

Add an original cat video or meme to your marketing materials, liberally sprinkle humour throughout your content and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing your marketing strategy. Particularly when catering to children, an anthropomorphic animal and a little artistry can go a long way in bringing a heartfelt story to life. Disney have tried-and-tested this formula for decades!


Are you looking to add some cat-titude to your business? With full-service marketing expertise in purr-suasive writing, claw-some events, paw-erful design and fur-midable videography – be sure to get in touch with Cordis!