ChatGPT-4o: the next generation of AI marketing

We’re in currently in a midst of an artificial intelligence (AI) boom, with the technology advancing rapidly. When seeking an example of AI’s progression, people point to OpenAI’s advanced chatbot, ChatGPT.

From its early stages to the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT-4 – this AI language model has continuously expanded the possibilities of natural language processing.

The latest upgrade, ChatGPT-4o, offers new tools and opportunities for marketers. But what makes this update stand out, and how does it compare to its predecessor?

New developments

Initially, ChatGPT-4o may seem like a minor update to ChatGPT-4, but it introduces significant enhancements that could revolutionise marketing strategies. These improvements include:

Speed increase: ChatGPT-4o delivers faster response times, enhancing interaction efficiency.

Multimodal capabilities: Unlike ChatGPT-4, GPT-4o can process and understand images and videos, greatly expanding its utility for marketing content.

Voice interactions: ChatGPT-4o includes a voice interaction feature, facilitating more natural conversations with the AI.

Emotional intelligence: OpenAI claims that ChatGPT-4o better understands and responds to emotional cues, enabling more empathetic and personalised interactions.

Access and cost: Both free and paid users have access to GPT-4o, making its advanced features available to a broader audience.

Enhancing marketing workflows

The enhancements in speed and efficiency of ChatGPT-4o could significantly improve marketing workflows:

Accelerated content generation: Marketers can quickly generate ideas, draft copy, and create social media posts, speeding up content production.

Real-time interactions: The faster response times of ChatGPT-4o facilitate near-instantaneous customer interactions through chatbots, improving customer service and lead generation.

Streamlined campaign management: Marketers can quickly iterate on campaigns, test different approaches, and optimise strategies in real-time.

Cost efficiency: The improved efficiency of GPT-4o can reduce API usage costs, allowing marketers to reallocate resources to other areas.

Visual capabilities

One of the most exciting features of ChatGPT-4o is its ability to process and understand visual content, a capability its predecessor lacked. This opens new dimensions for marketing:

Content creation: ChatGPT-4o can generate engaging social media captions from product images or create compelling video scripts from raw footage, automating and enhancing content creation.

Analysis: Marketers can analyse images and videos to extract valuable insights on customer preferences, product performance, and brand perception, informing marketing strategies and optimising campaigns.

Personalisation: By understanding which visual elements resonate with specific audiences, ChatGPT-4o can help tailor marketing content for greater engagement and conversion.

Voice interactions

ChatGPT Voice allows users to interact with the AI model through spoken conversations, utilising natural language processing and text-to-speech technology. This feature enhances user experience and accessibility:

Voice-activated chatbots: Customers can interact with brands through voice commands, receiving personalised recommendations and assistance.

Audio ads: ChatGPT-4o can generate dynamic audio ads tailored to user preferences and demographics, delivering more targeted messages.

Voice-based surveys and feedback: Collect customer feedback through voice interactions, making the process more convenient and accessible.

Personalised voice assistants: Develop virtual assistants that guide customers through products or services, answer questions, and complete transactions.

Audio content creation: Generate scripts for podcasts, audio articles, or audiobooks, broadening content reach and accessibility.

Emotional intelligence

OpenAI claims GPT-4o has made strides in understanding emotional nuances in language. The model’s extensive training on human conversations enables it to identify and interpret emotional cues such as tone, sentiment, and sarcasm:

Customer service: Imagine chatbots that provide empathetic support, understand customer frustration, and offer genuine solutions, significantly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Copywriting: GPT-4o can help marketers create emotionally resonant copy that connects with audiences on a deeper level, increasing engagement and conversions.
Personalisation: By understanding individual emotional states, GPT-4o can tailor marketing messages and experiences to specific needs and preferences, creating a more personalised customer journey.

The limitations

Despite its many advancements, ChatGPT-4o does have limitations. The AI may sometimes generate responses that are contextually inappropriate or factually incorrect, and it can struggle with understanding complex or ambiguous queries.

Additionally, while it can simulate empathy and emotional understanding, it lacks genuine human emotions and the nuanced judgement that comes with them. It’s also crucial to manage data privacy and ethical considerations when using AI.

These limitations highlight the importance of having a skilled human marketing team behind your business. Human insight and creativity are essential to guide AI, ensure quality control and craft strategies that truly resonate with your audience.


Marketers who embrace ChatGPT-4o’s multimodal features can discover innovative ways to drive engagement, personalise experiences and gain valuable insights. However, it’s essential to use this technology responsibly and be mindful of its constraints.

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