Crafting an eye-catching homepage video

Your website has exactly 0.05 seconds to grab someone’s attention. To achieve this, there’s no better tool in your marketing utility belt than video content.

When compared to basic text, a homepage clip enhances your chance of being on Google’s first page by 53 times. Besides being fantastic for SEO, video content allows you to communicate a complicated message in mere seconds, and, if done right – it gives your consumer a stylish first impression of your brand. 

The question is; what makes an eye-catching homepage video? Sadly, it’s not quite as simple as throwing clips on an iMovie timeline and hoping for the best. In this week’s blog, we’re divulging the secrets behind video creation and how moving image content works in correlation to the rest of your website. 

Be clear

Nothing is more frustrating than browsing a website, consuming content and still having no inkling of what your company actually does. Don’t leave your site visitors confused and in the dark!

You need to clearly address what your business has to offer. Quickly answer this question on your homepage video, highlighting your key selling points in a casual, informative way.

Be concise

Secondly, it’s important to keep it simple! Reign yourself in from squeezing every last piece of information into a homepage video; this isn’t the medium for excessive detail. Be conscious not to bore or overwhelm your viewers – tempt them with a flavour of your business, then once you’ve piqued their interest – let them explore other sections of your site and discover more. 

We’d recommend keeping the length under a minute. This type of content should provide a quick overview of your product for top-of-funnel customers.  Whether you opt for a voice over or text; be clear and get to the point, whilst speaking in terms that resonate with your target audience.

Know your audience

Your homepage video presents a unique opportunity to engage with your viewers. Ultimately, it should showcase your brand and leave a strong lasting impression – therefore, it’s crucial that you consider who the video is aimed at. 

Identify the essential components of your company’s brand that will resonate with your target audience. Remember; for first-time visitors, it will be their point of inception into your company – therefore, it’s imperative to make your video memorable. Consider the continuous thread that runs across your site, and incorporate those key brand characteristics into your clip.

Where to position

It’s 2005. You’re browsing MySpace and decide to click on a friend’s profile… then – BAM! You’re left scrambling for the mute button after being hit by a full-scale auditory assault in the form of a Linkin Park music video. Let this experience serve as a preliminary lesson in web design; think carefully about that autoplay feature. 

Your website video should enhance the visitor experience and be aesthetically synchronised with your website. Any less than this may force a potential customer to close their eyes, muffle their ears and furiously click “back”. 

Make sure to display the video on your front page and ideally ‘above the fold’ so viewers don’t have to work to find your video. You want it to be large and easy to see – but, make sure it doesn’t impede your website’s navigation.


You may have noticed that we’ve spruced up our homepage video! The more minimalistic, typographic approach helps highlight our services, while the hints of colour create cohesion with our established brand. Our ultimate goal was to produce an eye-catching clip that firmly situates Cordis in 2021!

If you’re looking for striking moving image content to headline your homepage, our in-house videography team can instil your business with cinematic flair! For more information; get in contact with Cordis today.