How to win at homebound marketing

We’ll soon mark a year since the first COVID-19 lockdowns. It has been a year during which most of us have seen our social, work and family life shrink to fit inside the four walls of our home.

As we’ve become accustomed to interacting with friends, family and even brands in new ways there has been a huge impact on all aspects of marketing, from channel mix to messaging. After nearly 12 months of coronavirus restrictions, how have we learned to adapt to the changes in consumer needs, attitudes and demands of our homebound audience?

Establishing an online presence

Firstly, it’s important to think carefully about how visible your business is online and whether there is room for improvement in this respect. How easy is it for people to find your business by searching for your company name, your personal name, or the types of products you sell?

In these times of reduced personal contact, your website’s ability to persuade prospects through content marketing, blog entries, SEO and other tactics is more critical than ever. Your website is about attracting new customers by engaging their interest in your company and products. This means aligning your website with your customer’s interests in order to naturally attract traffic, raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and drive sales. 

Utilise social media

Now more than ever people are looking to their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds for inspiration and escapism. Are you a business that can offer more for your customers on social media at the current time?

Think about developing and sharing relevant content that is relatable and honest, activities to keep them busy and video content. Now is the time to explore how you can use social media to connect with your customer base. When exploring this, be sensitive to how your customers may be feeling.

Prepare for the economic awakening

An inbound marketing strategy helps promote your improved web presence to your target audience. All of these tactics are measurable through Google Analytics. Additional strategies can improve and enhance the degree to which you’re connecting with and engaging prospects and consumers – these include live stream videos, email campaigns, social media marketing, promotional videos and website updates.

Ultimately, your marketing is only as successful as its ability to reach customers and drive sales. With sales teams largely immobilised by the ongoing public health crisis, this means finding new ways of attracting consumers. Not only can inbound marketing help bridge the gap, but it also has the potential to galvanise your marketing toward new and exciting results.

Invest in the future

As the end of lockdown remains a bright glimmer in the (hopefully) not too distant future, there is still plenty of scope for brands to adapt their marketing plans to reflect the many changes in consumer behaviours and requirements. The winners will be those which identify and utilise the opportunities presented by homebound marketing to build relationships with their customers which will last, no matter what the year ahead brings.

With expertise in social media communication, copywritingdesign and videography Cordis can help connect with your consumer; enhancing brand awareness whilst providing escapism, information and ultimately solace in this uncertain time.