Mastering visual consistency on Instagram

There’s no denying that cracking Instagram as a brand or business can be challenging. It’s important to strike a balance between promoting your product/service and maintaining a cohesive aesthetic.

Unlike X or Facebook that primarily rely on text, visuals are the key success on Instagram – therefore, your content must be aesthetically compelling. Incorporating high-quality photography, attention-grabbing videos and well-crafted graphics is essential when representing your brand on this social media platform.

If you’re struggling, then fear not – here’s our guide to achieving and sustaining that crucial consistent brand image on Instagram.

Align your theme with your brand

When devising a visual content strategy for Instagram, your starting point should always be your brand guidelines. These guidelines should inform and shape your Instagram presence, just as they would for any other design endeavour like creating print materials or designing a website. This ensures that your social media footprint mirrors your brand identity, maintaining clarity and consistency.

If you need help in defining your brand’s aesthetic, work with a team of design experts.

Consider colour

Given Instagram’s emphasis on aesthetics, selecting a colour scheme that resonates with your brand is critical. Delve into the psychology of colours, as different hues evoke distinct emotions and perceptions. Choose colours that best encapsulate your brand essence.

Batch edit photos

Consistency reigns supreme on Instagram. Once you’ve settled on a theme, finding the right filter for your photos is crucial. While Instagram offers a limited selection of filters, several mobile apps provide customisable options. Our favourites include Instasize, Snapseed and Lightroom. Batch edit your photos with your chosen filters and post them onto your page with a scheduling tool for convenient planning.


Efficient scheduling is another vital aspect. Consistent posting enhances engagement, as followers become accustomed to regular content updates. Utilise social media scheduling tools (popular options include Hootsuite, Later and Planoly) with a grid preview to visualise your feed’s overall aesthetic. Planning your grid, especially the “Top 9” rows, ensures a cohesive look that entices profile visitors.

Tailor your posting frequency to your audience’s engagement patterns, which can be accessed via Instagram’s analytics. The sweet spot is to generally aim for 1 to 3 posts per day.

Crafting posts can be difficult – hence why we recommend collaborating with social media managers well-versed in extracting maximum engagement across Instagram.

Craft Instagram Story covers

Your profile’s appearance speaks volumes, with your profile picture, bio and Instagram Story highlights being primary focal points. Elevate your highlights with visually appealing covers that align with your theme. Whether opting for a consistent background colour or experimenting with varied hues unified by a central icon, ensure alignment with your brand identity.


Even seemingly minor details like colour palettes, image framing and font choices play a pivotal role in maintaining a cohesive aesthetic across your account. These elements collectively contribute to your brand’s overall identity on social media.

At Cordis, our expertise spans strategic marketing, design, social media management, events and videography – ensuring your brand stands out with precision and impact.