The importance of video marketing

Versatile, engaging and easy-to-digest – in the advent of social media, video has become one of the most powerful tools in arresting consumer attention.

If your website includes a video, it is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results compared to text. This is due to people finding moving image content more compelling – describing your product within the confines of a short video makes your brand far more digestible and memorable to the consumer.

Video builds trust

Trust is the foundation for conversions and sales – the primary goal of every content marketing campaign is to attain consumer belief; helping you forge long-term relationships. The best way to draw your audience’s attention is to stop selling – instead, provide the useful information and let them come to you. 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Due to the faster internet speeds – the popularity of the moving image has exploded in recent years; now, more than 250 million hours are watched each day on YouTube. Just reading content is no longer enough – they want to consume it in the form of video. 

In terms of establishing trust – video content is far more likely to engage us and ignite emotions. A recent study has revealed that 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video and 52% state that watching product videos makes them more confident in purchase decisions.

Google loves videos

Consumers prefer video content to a 2000 word blog post – Google realises this and prioritises moving image content for search result returns. The search engine’s ultimate aim is to optimise results for the end user – it achieves this by selecting the content that resinates most with audiences. 

Additionally, research says that including a video on your website landing page improves its chances of a page 1 Google listing by 53%. In regards to social media; there being such an over abundance of content populating each network – it can be hard to amass a following with just words alone; thus video remains the best way to stop a thumb from scrolling. When faced with moving images; it’s the natural human response to pause and watch. 

Creating shareable content

Once posted on social media; video is incredibly easy to share. Having shareable content builds further links to your website, which highlights to Google that it needs to rank you higher. Besides generating the all-important social signals; reminding your audience to “like” and “share” – what are ingredients to producing an engaging video? 

BuzzSumo put Facebook’s most-viral video posts of 2019 into five categories; practical ‘life hacks’, adorable animals, jaw-dropping professional cinematic content and food recipes. While you don’t necessarily have to go viral to become a raving success on social networks; developing a firm understanding of what entices public attention will help you build further brand awareness. 


With so many platforms to share moving image content; from Youtube to Vimeo, or even live broadcasts to Facebook, Instagram or Linkedinvideo marketing should be centric to every businesses 2020 marketing strategy.

From promotional material to moving image content for staff training purposes; our in-house videography team will instil your business with cinematic flair and sleek professionalism. For more information; get in contact with Cordis today.