The making of The Pantiles New Year’s Eve video

In the aftermath of The Pantiles’ sensational New Year’s Eve celebration, Cordis Creative embarked on a mission to encapsulate the magic and splendour of the event with a captivating promotional video.

The visual spectacle not only serves as an opportunity for attendees to relive the excitement of the evening – but is also a powerful promotional tool for The Pantiles. The video will help ignite excitement for future events, attract attention, potential sponsors and investors.


As night set in on the 31st of December 2023, the Cordis team explored the diverse sights of The Pantiles’ New Year’s Eve event, armed with a Black Magic Pocket 4K Cinema Camera. Using a Panasonic Lumix G x Vario 12-35mm lens, and an array of vintage Canon lenses, the team were prepared to capture every potential situation with various focal lengths. The smooth, cinematic shots were made possible with the assistance of a DJI Ronin-SC.


After the shoot, Cordis immediately got cracking with the editing process in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. However, no clips could be set onto the timeline until a suitable soundtrack had been selected. It seemed appropriate to opt for a rendition of the traditional New Year’s Eve song “Auld Lang Syne” – specifically a version with the right tempo to synchronise with the fireworks.

The footage was then colour graded and carefully timed to the track, ensuring a chronological representation of the event. The video’s pace intended to build-up momentum, mirroring the crescendo of the New Year’s Eve celebration, culminating in the dazzling display of fireworks.


The resulting promotional video stands as a testament to Cordis’s commitment to capturing and conveying the essence of The Pantiles’ events. It not only encapsulates the sheer spectacle of the event but also positions itself as a powerful promotional tool for The Pantiles, ready to captivate future attendees, attract sponsors and secure investments.

As the dust settles on 2023’s festivities, the magnificence of The Pantiles’ New Year’s Eve celebration lives on through the lens of Cordis Creative. You can experience the splendour of the event on Vimeo – but we recommend viewing in HD, full screen with the volume cranked up!