The top 5 Christmas adverts of 2021

Once again, it’s that time of the year. December has finally arrived, so park yourself on the sofa and prepare yourself for an abundance of epic festive advertisements!

While Christmas is still the season to be sentimental – 2021’s merry offerings display more thematic diversity than previous years – ranging from the heartwarming to the outright hilarious. In this week’s blog, we’re rounding up the best adverts of the year, thus far!

5. Boots

Jenna Coleman of Doctor Who fame, stars in Boots’ Christmas commercial this year, introducing us to the ideal Christmas gift from her grandmother: a bottomless bag. Jenna’s character discovers everything she needs (as well as a few surprises) in the handy red and gold satchel, which is brimming with Christmas wonder!

After venturing across town, making everyone’s festive wishes come true – Jenna returns to thank her grandma for the ‘ultimate gift’ by offering her a bottle of her favourite perfume. This reminds her what Christmas “love” feels like – absolutely adorable!

4. Celebrations

Either we’re guilty of – or know someone who’s guilty of – leaving Bounty chocolates at the bottom of the box of Celebrations, however, after watching this commercial one might think twice about abandoning the famed coconut flavoured treat! This surreal advert features a personified Bounty Bar struggling to find a match, even with the help of a dating site and singles’ night. It culminates in a Love Actually-style spoof, where the lonely chocolate discovers his perfect match in Christmas’ other divisive food, the Brussels sprout!

It also introduces the Bounty Return Scheme, which allows consumers who dislike coconut to exchange it for a small Maltesers bar.

3. John Lewis

Arguably the most hyped Christmas advert of 2021, but not quite the best! This year, John Lewis depict a boy teaching the wonders of the holiday season to a young alien called Skye whose ship has crashed on Earth.

Entitled ‘Unexpected Guest’, the E.T. inspired piece features a soft piano cover of ‘Together in Electric Dreams’ performed by 20-year-old singer Lola Young (first made a hit by Human League frontman Philip Oakey and iconic producer Giorgio Moroder).

2. Disney

If anyone was going to give John Lewis a run for its money in the tearjerker stakes, it was going to be Disney. The stunning animated short centres on a new stepdad as he moves in with his partner and her two children, and tries to find his place in the family around the festive period.

It’s also a sequel to last year’s advert, where little girl Nicole bonded with her grandmother over their Christmas traditions. Nicole is now the grown-up, with two children of her own.

1. Aldi

Kevin the Carrot is back, and this year he’s teaching lessons in joy and goodwill to rotten old Ebanana Scrooge. The animated ad also features a special cameo from Marcus Radishford (voiced by Mr Rashford himself), and teaches the important lesson: “For you to be happy, you need to be kind.” The commercial is in partnership with children’s charity Barnado’s.

Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice the ad pokes fun at the supermarket’s rivalry with M&S, as Aldi’s caterpillar cake Cuthbert is seen being arrested by two police-lemons.


Whilst they may differ greatly in regard to content; each Christmas advert succeeds in its ability to convey the essence of the brand. At Cordis, we understand the importance of brand representation during 2021’s festive season. As a full service marketing agency, we offer social media management, copywriting, event organisation, graphic/website design and videography – more than enough to make your business sparkle this December!