Top 5 Christmas adverts of 2023

Once again, it’s that time of the year. The holiday season is nearly upon us, so park yourself on the sofa and prepare yourself for an abundance of epic festive advertisements!

While Christmas is still the season to be sentimental – 2023’s merry offerings display more thematic diversity than previous years – ranging from the heart-warming to the outright hilarious. In this week’s blog, we’re rounding up the best adverts of the year thus far!

5. Lidl

Lidl’s uplifting Christmas advert for 2023 emphasises the impact of small gestures. Overflowing with Christmas cheer, the ad narrates the story of a raccoon going the extra mile to bring extra joy to a young boy’s Christmas Day.

The supermarket concludes the advert with a touching message: “Gift a toy to Lidl’s toy bank and share the magic” urging everyone to contribute so every child can experience the joy of Christmas. While the storyline may not be as impactful as others this year, the faultless animation successfully breathes life into the adorably furry scavenger.

4. John Lewis

Titled ‘Snapper, The Perfect Tree,’ John Lewis’ 2023 advert features Andrea Bocelli’s new song ‘Festa’. The narrative revolves around a boy with a grow-your-own Christmas tree, only to discover it’s a mischievous Venus flytrap.

Despite its Hollywood-worthy visual effects and moving soundtrack, the Little Shop of Horrors-inspired commercial lacks the festive themes and motifs that Britons have come accustomed to during the holiday season.


One of this year’s most talked-about ads is Asda’s ‘Make this Christmas Incredibublé.’ Directed by Oscar-winner Tiakka Waititi and starring everyone’s favourite Christmas crooner Michael Bublé, as the supermarket’s new Chief Quality Officer. The advert culminates in the Canadian singer belting out the classic ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’. Could there be anything more festive than that?

2. Aldi

Kevin The Carrot returns! Aldi’s commercial ties in with the much-anticipated movie Wonka, by introducing ‘William Conker’ – a spoof of Roald Dahl’s famous chocolatier. The CGI character invites a lively group of fruit and vegetable friends to his gravy-filled wonderland, resulting in a pun-filled and visually stunning ad. Aldi have outdone themselves with this year’s Christmas commercial, combining wit, humour and beautiful animation to capture the essence of the festive season.

1. Boots

Yes, that’s right – our favourite Christmas advert from 2023 is from Boots! Following the theme of “Giving Joy,” this mini indie film portrays a madcap mother-daughter road trip to give Santa a present. With tongue-in-cheek product placements, the commercial encapsulates the Christmas spirit without losing sight of the brand it represents.


While these adverts vary widely in content, each succeeds in conveying the essence of the respective brands. At Cordis, we recognize the significance of brand representation during the festive season.

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