Valentine’s Day 2024

Can you feel the butterflies stirring? Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to craft a marketing campaign for your one and only true love – your customers!

As inflation lowers and the cost-of-living crisis eases, consumers have found themselves with more disposable income, thus generating greater opportunities for 2024. Retailers need to adapt to seize the moment – and with technology evolving at an unprecedented rate, there’s a whole plethora of digital mediums to tap into and reach your audience!

Get your story straight

When attempting to win the hearts of your consumers in the digital world, you need to get your story straight. When consider your brand’s narrative, be authentic. Whether it’s your own brand love story or tales from your consumers, real-life stories resonate.

Utilising influencers in social media campaigns centred around storytelling not only builds trust but also enhances brand sentiment. Studies show that 68% of consumers are influenced by brand stories, and a whopping 92% prefer ads that feel like a story.

This highlights the importance of collaborating with social media managers well-versed in extracting maximum engagement across diverse platforms. They play a pivotal role in ensuring that your brand’s story resonates effectively in the dynamic landscape of social media.

You compute me

Ah, artificial intelligence… is there anything less romantic? Everyone has their own opinions on this emerging technology, but if one takes a step back to examine the broader picture, it’s easy to see how useful AI is as a business tool.

Platforms like GenAI enable retailers to comprehend customer preferences in innovative ways. By matching search criteria with rich content, retailers can deliver personalised product recommendations through conversational interactions at scale. AI ensures a streamlined shopping experience, offering accurate and timely suggestions based on real-time behavioural data.

Despite being useful in some instances, retailers cannot rely solely on historical data – especially if the customer does not set up an account and log in. With real-time behavioural data, machine learning and AI, retailers can create an experience that feels tailored and special – catering even to first-time visitors or guest shoppers.

Adding a new dimension

In 2024, augmented reality (AR) has become more accessible and user-friendly. Although the soon-to-be-released Apple Vision Pro is out of most people’s budgets – the tech giant’s employment of the technology represents the mainstream acceptance of AR.

The appeal of AR experiences is particularly strong among tech-savvy, younger couples eager to explore novel ideas. Whether you’re giving people the opportunity to create immersive love notes, explore romantic sceneries, or even propose to their partners in a unique way – AR is a fantastic way for brands to add a memorable quality to their 2024 creative.

At Cordis, we have already ventured into the realm of augmented reality. As official Snapchat lens creators, we employed AR technology to create COVID-safe activities during the pandemic to encourage footfall into stores while avoiding a high concentration of shoppers in any one location.


Is your business ready for Valentine’s Day? Don’t be the guy hunting for roses in the petrol station on the 13th – be sure to have your marketing strategy in place. Enrich your company with creativity and brand expertise – get in touch with Cordis today!