What brands can learn from The Rolling Stones

A rolling stone gathers no moss – a statement that couldn’t be any truer in reference to the enduring rock icons Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood!

After more than 60 years in the spotlight, The Rolling Stones announced their 24th studio album, Hackney Diamonds. The first single from the upcoming release, ‘Angry,’ is bursting with as much energy as the band had when they first hit the scene in the 1960s.

The question is – how do they do it? How have The Rolling Stones maintained their unstoppable success for decades, and how can brands learn from their remarkable journey?

Like a rolling stone

The Stones’ enduring appeal lies in their profound understanding that a great rock & roll band can never become complacent. Instead, it must connect with the audience on a deep level and leave a lasting impression.

Similarly, marketers aim to grab their audience’s attention with the perfect message, tone, visuals, and energy, propelling them to take action and embrace the brands and products they represent.

With these top 5 tips, marketers can achieve legendary status like The Rolling Stones.

Hot stuff

Since their inception in 1962, the band have known that appearance is everything. While The Beatles were clean-cut and wholesome – The Stones leant into their “bad boy” appeal with scruffy long hair and causal attire; proving to be London’s roguish answer to The Fab Four.

In regard to graphic design, there few bands with more iconic album covers than The Rolling Stones. Whether it’s Andy Warhol’s raunchy cover for 1970’s “Sticky Fingers”, the grungy collage featured on “Exile On Main Street” or the psychedelic lenticular image of “Their Satanic Majesties Request” – the rock band always make a visual impact with every album.

Then there’s the famous tongue and lips logo. As far as corporate branding for a rock band goes, it’s unbeatable. Introduced in 1971, the gaping mouth and tongue has symbolised the greatest rock ’n’ roll band in the world. When you see it, you know you’re in for riffs, rock and something a little bit risque. The Stones logo has appeared on everything from t-shirts to silk ties, baseball caps to underpants.

If you’re looking to strike a chord with your audience, work with a team of expert designers who can instil your brand with the dynamism of The Glimmer Twins!

Make that connection

With every album, The Rolling Stones raise their game. They’re constantly experimenting with new ideas, but always authentic to their brand. The fact that the band waited 18-years to release a follow up to their last studio album, A Bigger Bang, is a sign that they value quality over quantity.

Businesses must acknowledge that their reputation is only as good as their last project. Each endeavour is an opportunity to prove their relevance, respect, and trustworthiness. Mediocrity is not an option; they must continually strive to excel.

Reinvigorate your marketing strategy and offer quality by working with a team that understands how to nurture new relationships whilst keeping existing customers happy.

Get some (audience) satisfaction

Like The Rolling Stones’ ability to intuitively select the right songs and tempo for their audience, marketers must pinpoint the perfect solutions and strategies for their clients. They should be partners in problem-solving, offering insights and expertise while maintaining humility.

Social media management requires these traits with a dash of creativity. Think of how the Stones scribble-down lyrics and turn them into a timeless work of art – that’s how best content creators operate!

Anybody seen my baby?

Where would The Stones be without their amazing music videos and concert films? Whether they’re working with Martin Scorsese or David Fincher, with Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart or Sydney Sweeney in front of the camera – Mick and the gang know how to deliver great moving image content.

Letting your audience see and hear you is a great way to engage and build trust. Like The Rolling Stones, be sure that you work with a video production team that understands your brand.

Dance little sister

Just as The Stones keep their fans enthralled, marketers must keep clients dancing and eager for more. By inspiring clients to excel and offering unwavering support, marketers can build long-lasting and enjoyable working relationships.

In the quest for marketing excellence, the mantra “Don’t be the best. Be the only.” resonates strongly. The Rolling Stones have achieved unparalleled relevance and sustained their appeal over the years, a lesson marketers can apply to their craft.


At Cordis, our aspiration is clear: to be the agency that excels at uniting brands with their core humanity. We aim to be the trusted creative partner clients turn to first, fostering enduring and sustainable relationships. Just as The Rolling Stones surprised the world with their longevity, we intend to do the same in the realm of marketing.

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