Recycle Week


To provide an educational event during Recycle Week, highlighting the environmental impact of plastics, reducing our daily waste and carbon foot print at Peterborough One Retail Park.


We organised a free to attend aquatic adventure featuring incredible sea creatures battling to survive in an ocean filled with rubbish. In conjunction with PECT (Peterborough Environmental Trust) we installed a 50-foot sperm whale. Families were invited to climb inside the whale’s belly – only to find themselves in the depths of the bubbling, kelp-swirling ocean.

Once settled on the ocean floor, they would encounter an acrobatic diver who led the audience swimmingly through the age old journey of an ancient Leatherback Turtle and its fight for survival in the sea of plastics. The audience were then asked to participate in helping rescue the creatures from the lethal litter that plagues the ocean. This experience left young minds empowered knowing that if everyone makes a small change – it can achieve a big difference.

PECT encouraged visitors to make Cool Food pledges. Households throw away an average of £585 each year in food waste – by making the aforementioned food pledges, with carbon emissions in mind, households could save an average of £450 per year.


Every show was oversubscribed, with a positive social media response to the whole event. Social media activity for the events reached over 35,000 people, with an engagement rate of 8%. 61 PECT commitments were made, which resulted in 25,352kg CO2 savings and £20,432 saved.